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Our doors are wide open for all who wish to improve and expand their knowledge of the Russian language and literature and learn Russian history, culture, customs and traditions. In our friendly atmosphere you can find Russian-speaking friends and enjoy socializing in Russian. Your children will learn to write, read and speak in Russian and prepare for GCSE / A level exams in Russian and GCSE / A level Maths exams in our school.


The focus is on reading and writing, spelling and literature and speech development. Among other things you will find geography, drama and music, as well as Russian dance, arts and crafts, puppet theater and entertainment, math club and other foreign languages. Each half-term offers a fascinating journey into the world of fairy tales, where the pupils with their teacher and toys and doll pleased to meet with Koloboks, Puss in Boots and Little Red Riding Hood. Each half term ends with a school performance for the whole school and local community. You are welcome to join us!


If you are interested in Our School, welcome to contact us. On your questions we will be happy to answer the phone or email.

We look forward to see you and your children!


Head of school 

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